Candid Well Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 2 November 2000 with the main objective of participating in the infrastructure portion of any development especially in roads works, water reticulation, drainage and sewerage works. Subsequently Candid Well Sdn Bhd ventured into the construction of building works. These have Candid Well Sdn Bhd areas of specialty where we has the required expertise (equipment and manpower), experience and knowledge.

Candid Well Sdn Bhd has diversified and is investing in the necessary expertise and knowledge in the construction of all types of infrastructures works.

We also has the required financial strength and backing to increase the fleet of machinery and equipment as required by any contract.

Candid Well Sdn Bhd believes in the importance of understanding our client needs and exceed our customers expectations.

Today, our success and strength can be attributed to a dedicated management team & shareholders who are committed to quality and superior customer value satisfaction.


Company Name : Candid Well Sdn Bhd

Company Number : 530766 – K


Managing Directors : Chai Kuek Sen, Pang Soon Ee

Executive Director : Pang Koi Moy


Market leader in infrastructure and construction industry Malaysia.

Business Address:

62-A Jalan Keindahan 1, Taman Skudai Indah, 81300,Skudai, Johor Bahru


Office Number:

07 – 558 9090 / 07 – 562 0280

Fax Number:

07 – 558 9192